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How to Choose Suitable Casters Wheels

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How to Choose Suitable Casters Wheels
How to Choose Suitable Casters Wheels

There are different elements in consideration before making decision on casters, but the most important one is whether it is suitable for you.
Here in the following, there are several methods suggested for choice of casters:
1. Load capacity;
As the basic and also the most important requirement to caster, the rated load capacity for each single caster wheel should be well calculated regarding to the designed load capacity. However, the practical applications of the casters are much different, so the load capacity should be designed higher for safety issue. Take the most common four wheel caster for example, there are two elements contributing to make choices:
A. The total weight bear by three caster wheels. There will be one caster wheel hanging in the air. This way is suitable for caster suffering great impulsion and the state of ground is bad, especially the total load weight is very large on the way of cargo loading and transporting or moving of equipment.
specially used in the process of cargo loading and transporting or moving of equipment, in whose condition the caster wheels.
B. 120% of the total weight bear by the 4 wheels of the caster. This way is suitable for nice ground condition, and the wheels suffer less impulsion on the way of cargo loading and transporting or moving of equipment.
What have to be specially mentioned is when the caster wheels suffer great impulsion, caster wheels with larger loading capacity and special shock resistance design should be considered.
2. Practical condition of application sites;
Choose suitable material for the caster wheel regarding to its special and practical working condition. The wheels have direct contact with the ground, which will be easily invaded and corroded by kinds of corrosive medium on and above the ground, as well as in the surround environment. If the choice of caster is not right, its working life will be shorten. What's more, the working performance will be also be effected by the environment.
For casters used in rough ground, please choose wheels made by rubber with good ware resistance and nice elasticity, like PU or Hi-Tech Porma wheels. In condition of particular high or low working temperature, or the temperature difference is large, please choose metal wheels or special made heat resisting wheels. If there is special requirement on preventing the accumulation of static, it will be better to choose professional anti-static wheels, metal wheels are also options when there is no requirement on protecting the ground surface. While wheels with wonderful resistance to corrosion should be choosed under the working environment with lots of corrosive medium.
Please choose suitable models of casters regarding special working environment.
3. Rolling flexibility;
High precision ball bearing rolls very stable and flexible, it is suitable for using in high-end equipment and quiet environment. Widea bearing made by high quality Dupont engineering plastics can widely used in kinds of corrosive mediums. Elaborately made needle bearing is running smoothly even under heavy pressure. To protect your beautiful floor, please choose casters made by soft rubber, PU or Hi-Tech Porma. While to prevent leaving ugly rat behind, please choose casters with special made gray rubble wheel, PU wheel, Hi-Tech Porma wheel or other wheels without rat, etc.
4. Temperature requirement;
Cold winter and hot summer may bring troubles to lots of caster wheels, please choose suitable models regarding to the relative environment temperature.
5. Others.
Choose suitable caster wheels regarding to other special requirement. For example, the dust cap, seal ring, anti-wrap cover can well keep the rolling part of the wheel clean, prevent it from being wrapped by kinds of fiber and protect the wheel to running well as new after long time use. While the single brake and double brake kit can well stop the wheel from rolling and rotating, so that you can stop the caster.

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